• "Every problem has an opportunit of something good.  You just have to look for it!" Kobi Yamada 

    What is growth mindset?

    We used to think that our intelligence was fixed-meaning we were either smart or we weren't.  Scientiests have proven again and again that simply is not true.  Our brain acts like a muscle-the more we use it, the stronger our brains become.


    What does a growth mindset look like?

    A person with a growth mindset:

    1. embraces challenges

    2. gives their best effort

    3. learns from feedback

    4. becomes inspired by other people's successes

    5. makes a plan

    6. changes their thinking from "I can't" to "I can't YET!"


    How can I encourage my child to have a growth mindset?

    1. Talk with your kids about their day and ask: Did you make a mistake today?  What did you learn from it? What did you do that challenging today?

    2. Praise the process: Instead of saying, "You're so smart!" priase effort, goal setting, persisting through challenges, and being creative. For example: "Wow! You must have worked really hard on this!"

    3. Remind your child that their brain can grow and thier intelligence is not FIXED.  Each time you learn someting new, thier brain is making new connections.

    4.  Help them change thier dialouge: The way your child talks to themself makes a huge impact on their mindset.  If they say, "This is too hard!" help them change that to "I can't do it yet, but I will keep trying!".

    5. Encourage failure: Your child needs to know that failure can happen and it is okay.  Remind them that each time they fail and try again, their brain is growing stronger! 


    Addtional Resources: You can watch these videos with you child!