• WL.7.1.NM.C.C.7 - Learning about age and developmentally appropriate content that is of high interest to students and has a direct connection to the cultural contexts of the target language cultivates an awareness of the shared human experience. 

    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.6 - Maps, graphs, and other graphic organizers facilitate understanding of information on a wide range of topics related to the world and global issues.

    See why language learning is important in this cute Viewpure cat video or YouTube cat video.

    Learn more at Lead with Languages

    Also from Leadwithlanguages, read about the Top 10 Reasons to learn languages. 

    Now, read the Top 10 Reasons to learn Spanish.  Read these 10 reasons as well:


    10 Good Reasons:

    1.     Communicate with over 425 million native Spanish speakers worldwide.

    2.     Communicate with Spanish-speaking people at home.  Spanish is now the second language in the United States.

    3.     Learn Spanish to enhance your travel experiences.

    4.     Use Spanish to improve your employment potential.

    5.     Learn Spanish to improve your knowledge of your own language.

    6.     Learn Spanish to prepare for study abroad opportunities.

    7.     Better appreciate Spanish-speaking cultures.

    8.     Learn Spanish to make lifelong friends.

    9.     Learn Spanish to make learning the next World Language easier (such as German, French, Italian or Chinese).

    10.  Learning Spanish is fun!