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    Newsela Rubric

    Newsela Directions

    1. Read Passage within current Lexile Range.
    2. Complete 5 Meaningful Annotations. (10 Points each)
    3. Click on "Activities" to open up the "Quiz" and "Write" questions.
    4. Answer four comprehension quiz questions. (5 points each)
    5. Complete the “Write” Response. (up to 30 points total)

    Newsela Grading Rubric

    Multiple Choice Questions                 /20

    Annotations                                     /50

    Write Response                                /30


    Grade                                             /100


    Examples of Annotations:

    When you highlight text in the article, you will have the choice of 4 highlighter colors.  What types of information should you choose to annotate?

    You can annotate any of the following: 

    1. The authors claim
    2. The central idea
    3. Supporting evidence
    4. Your opinion- do you agree or disagree with the author’s text
    5. Challenging vocabulary- highlight and define using an online dictionary.
    6. Questions about the text
    7. What is the purpose of this text…informational, opinion/argument piece?
    8. Information you found interesting or surprising
    9. Examples of figurative language or smiley face tricks found in the text
    Remember you need 5 annotations total!