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    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.7 - Learning about age and developmentally appropriate content that is of high interest to students and has a direct connection to the cultural contexts of the target language cultivates an awareness of the shared human experience. 

    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.6 - Maps, graphs, and other graphic organizers facilitate understanding of information on a wide range of topics related to the world and global issues.

    Sing Basho and Friends' Viewpure Countries and capitals or YouTube Countries and capitals .

    Listen to a song and watch this Viewpure video or YouTube video on Spanish speaking countries.

    Sing Viewpure Where are you from? or YouTube Where are you from?

    Sing the Viewpure World Cup song or YouTube World Cup song

    Learn the countries of South and Central America on this interactive map.

    Play a matching map game with South and Central American countries.

    Play a drag and drop the countries of South and Central America game.

    Click on any Spanish speaking country to learn about the history, geography, customs, etc. about that country.

    Type the name of any Spanish speaking country in the search bar to look at photo galleries of that country.

    Cick on any Spanish speaking country's name to learn about their flag

    Go to Culture grams to learn about Spanish speaking countries.

    Click on Kids World Travel Guide to read about Spanish speaking countries.