• • 7.1.NM.IPERS.1: Request and provide information by asking and answering simple, practiced questions, using memorized words and phrases.  

    Have fun with pronunciation with Jens!

    Scroll down and click on the triangle next to the greetings with Jens and repeat them to your partner.

    Click on the headphones next to the greetings on Digital Dialects and repeat them to your partner. Then Play game - text with your partner, then Play game - audio.


    While reading the lyrics sing the Hallo! song as well as this version. Sing es wie die kinder.  Sing the Auf Wiedersehen song, as well as this version .

    Watch only the first minute of this Hallo! video.  "Ich bin" means "I am."

    Watch this Hallo! PowerPoint by clicking "Enable Editing" then "slideshow" then "from beginning" then, click arrow in bottom left corner to advance.  


    Watch this introductions PowerPoint (see instructions for the Hallo! PowerPoint above).

    Watch this How are you? PowerPoint.

     Have an entire conversation with your classmates.  There are FOUR pages in the document; make sure you scroll down and hit all of them!

    Look at this pronunciation guide to help you pronounce words in German.

    Look at this list of cognates and see if you can match them to the pictures.

    Here are some extra credit, more advanced phrases to listen to and play games with!

    Here is a popular song, Anton aus Tirol , Anthony from Tirol.  Tirol is a region made up of southwest Austria, a German speaking country southeast of Germany, and northern Italy.


    Ich bin so schön, ich bin so toll,
    Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol
    Meine gigaschlanken Waden
    San a Wahnsinn für die Madln
    Mei Figur - a Wunder der Natur!
    Ich bin so stark und auch so wild