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    7.1.NM.IPRET.1: Identify familiar spoken and written words, phrases, and simple sentences contained in culturally authentic materials and other resources related to targeted themes.  

    Numbers - Die Zahlen

    Click on the headphones to listen to and tell your partner numbers to 12.

    Click on the triangle to listen to and tell your partner numbers to a billion from Jens! 

    Listen on Language Guide to a billion!  See if you can find out what the pattern is for 13-19, then 21-29, 31-39, 41-49, etc. Then play the Listening Challenge in the top right hand corner. You can click Replay and/or Spelling at the top to hear the number again and see how it is spelled.

    Click the blue Play rectangle for:  Four in a RowSow GrowMix and MatchConcentration, or the Spelling Game. 

    Sing KidsTV number song.

    Complete this puzzle then click Finish!! at the bottom and click Check my answers.