• WL.7.1.NM.C.C.7 - Learning about age and developmentally appropriate content that is of high interest to students and has a direct connection to the cultural contexts of the target language cultivates an awareness of the shared human experience. 

    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.6 - Maps, graphs, and other graphic organizers facilitate understanding of information on a wide range of topics related to the world and global issues.

    Select a German name that is similar to your actual name from this list ONLY.  Do not look up how to say your name in German.  Write it in pencil on the INSIDE of your name tag. Type it in here, then press the speaker icon to listen to how it sounds. Then continue below, as you wait for me to write it on your name tag.  Do NOT just sit and wait for me; click on the links below!! I promise I will make your name tag in class today.

     Watch the PowerPoint Why Study German?

    Read the reasons to learn German from Vistawide. Be sure to click on More reasons to learn German 5-8 >>>  and then 9-12 >>> at the bottom of the page for the rest of the article. 

    Find out where in the world German is spoken from the World Atlas and from ThoughtCo.  See a map of the world to find out where German speaking countries are located.

    Read about the German language and culture from Vistawide and fast facts about Germany from Kids National Geographic and Kids Travel.

    Read this pronunciation guide to help you pronounce words in German.

    Have some pronunciation fun!! 

    Or check out this pronunciation guide.  Or open this guide.  

    Look at this list of cognates and see if you can match them to the pictures.