• • 7.1.NM.IPRET.1: Identify familiar spoken and written words, phrases, and simple sentences contained in culturally authentic materials and other resources related to targeted themes.  


    Colors - Die Farben

    Click on the headphones next to the colors and repeat them to your partner.  Then study the Flashcards with your partner.  Play game - audio by clicking Begin game at the bottom, then Play game - text.  Play this Spelling game, also with your partner. 

    Play Schwupps, was fehlt? or Whoops, what's missing? You can click on the settings icon, that looks like a cogwheel at the bottom next to CC,  to put captions in English or German. 

    Practice colors on German games. Start at :14 (14 seconds).

    Drag the colors in this box game, after clicking on the blue rectangle that says Play. Then play this Concentration match game. Then play Four in a Row.

    Sing this adorable Color song. "Wie" means as or like, so when she sings Blau wie wasser, it means Blue like water. 

    Sing a color song until 47 seconds.

    Watch a video of our old friends Felix und Franzi.  See how much German you understand! Like:  Felix, komm, hilf mir! 

    Farben we know means colors. Schöne farben is beautiful colors. Bunt means colorful. Welche farbe hat..?  What color does ....have? As in, What color is it? Regenbogen is rainbow. Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?  What is your favorite color?

    Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist...My favorite color is....