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    WL.7.1.NM.A.C.1 - Personal identity is developed through experiences that occur within one’s family, one’s community, and the culture at large. (Topics that assist in the development of this understanding should include, but are not limited to: self, friends, family, pets, physical/personality descriptions, school, likes/dislikes, and pastimes.)

    WL.7.1.NM.A.2 - Demonstrate comprehension of simple, oral and written directions, commands, and requests through appropriate physical response.

    Watch Viewpure German games or  German games on YouTube, then play Four in a Row on German games.

    Give your partner these commands.

    Listen to the German classroom vocabulary on Language Guide, then play the Listening Challenge in the top right hand corner.  

    Open this Q & A document and ask your partner the questions.

    Refer to the numbers and colors below.

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