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    • 7.1.NM.IPRET.2: Respond with actions and/or gestures to oral and written directions, commands, and requests that relate to familiar and practiced topics.  

    • 7.1.NM.IPRET.3: Identify familiar people, places, objects in daily life based on simple oral and written descriptions.  

    Watch and repeat (start at 1:50, one minute, 50 seconds until 7:10) The Classroom.  When she says, "Noch einmal," it means "Once again."  There are three ways to say "the," die, der, das.  Which do you also use for plural (more than one)?

    Click on the pictures and repeat the words to your partner, then click the blue Play rectangle for:  ConcentrationFour in a RowMix and Match, and the Spelling Game.

    Play Schwupps, was fehlt? Whoops, what's missing? also with your partner.

    directinsGive your partner these    commands.  Paste the words from the commands here in the first box, then click on the speaker and repeat them to your partner.

    Listen to the German classroom vocabulary on Language Guide, then play the Listening Challenge in the top right hand corner.  

    Open this Q & A document and ask your partner the questions. Paste the words from the questions here, then click on the speaker and repeat them to your partner.

    Refer to the numbers and colors below for the answers.  

    Image result for german numbers 1-10colors