• Welcome to
    Mrs. Richie’s Room 2017-2018!


    The necessary materials that your child will need to bring to school for use with me are:

    -notebook* for Reading, Word study, (Spelling) and Math. 

    -text highlighter


    Here are a few helpful hints that you can work on with your child when they are scheduled to see me.



    Please bring assignment book,
    Reader’s Response Journal, Reading notebook, pencil, highlighter, any
    additional reading book (if given), binder, homework folder, and homework on a
    daily basis. Also take home & bring back the Reading Response Journal on a daily basis.



    Please bring assignment book,
    binder, math notebook, text highlighter, and homework/take home folder on a daily basis.

      *Referring to the notebook, I prefer a 3-5 subject notebook (depending on the number of subject areas your child comes to the Resource Center). I am suggesting a multi-subject notebook because it will cut down on confusion and will develop organizational skills.