• Mr. Kalin’s Olympics Unit Study Guide

    8 Countries

    • USA
    • Jamaica
    • Australia
    • Ireland
    • Germany
    • Chile
    • Italy
    • Canada 

    Side Line Football: to pass or run the ball into the end zone for a touchdown

    Tug of War: to pull your opponent by carrying the flag past a designated line

    Wiffle Ball: to outscore your opponent by advancing runners around the bases

    50/100m Dash: a race against the clock at top speed

    Team Relay: entire team participates by running up to the end line and back for the fastest time

    Baton/Team Relay: 2 fastest boys and 2 fastest girls per country race a lap around the gym trying to get the fastest time. Team relay every member of the country participates.

    Team Handball: to outscore your opponents by passing the ball and scoring in the opponent’s goal. Players may run with the ball for three steps and must past the ball before a five second clock expires.

    Obstacle Course: entire team goes through an obstacle course attempting to complete the course in the fastest time, without penalties.

    Team Shoot Out: try to make as many baskets as possible as a team within the time limit.

    Mat Pass: pass the matt down the length of the gymnasium, while lying on your back

    Side Line Soccer: to outscore your opponent by passing the ball with your sideline and shooting on the opponent’s goal

    King Pin: knock down your opponent’s pins while protecting your pins

    Volleyball: score as many points as possible in the time given using volleyball skills

    Team Knockout: eliminate your opponents by making your shot in before your opponent


    Sportsmanship: fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest

    Ways to show Sportsmanship:

    • Play by the rules
    • Play fair
    • Stay positive and encourage teammates
    • Show respect for team, opponents, and officials
    • Win with class
    • Lose gracefully


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