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    Are you having difficulty understanding your student's speech?

    Speech Sound Development Chart - 


    How to....

    Refer a student for a speech evaluation 


    1. Request a screening from Gina or Jessica

    • Contact us to come listen to the student in a whole-group environment
    • For individualized observations, first reach out to the parent and obtain written permission for us to pull a student from the classroom for a screening

    2. Results from a screening will determine recommendations: either a speech evaluation or continued monitoring 



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    Please note***

    If you're having concerns with a student's language skills (vocabulary, grammar, etc.), auditory processing skills (listening, following directions, etc.) or social skills (e.g., interacting with peers, reading emotions, problem solving, etc.) that you must bring these issues to the I&RS team, who may bring this to the CST if needed. These areas would be assessed in a full language evaluation that we would conduct as part of a CST evaluation.