Join the Chestnut Ridge Middle School Orchestra

  • If you have any questions about Middle School Orchestra contact Ms. Benecchi directly:

    Ms. Toni Benecchi

    CRMS Orchestra Director

    Phone: 856-582-3535 ex 5349


    If you have already chosen your classes for middle school and want to to orchestra contact the guidance counselor at the middle school directly, and they will make the change right on the spot.

     Mrs. Michelle Bucci

    Counseling Secretary

    Phone: 856-582-5173 Ext. 5320


    Check out this video the Orchard Valley Middle School made for us with reasons why should continue with the Washington Township Orchestra Program!

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    Letters to future 6th Graders

     Hear are some letters from 8th Graders at Chestnut Ridge Middle School, infroming incoming sixth graders of reasons to continue orchestra.

    Dear incoming 6th Grader,

         Welcome to Chestnut Ridge Middle School!  Thanks for joining Orchestra!  It is a ton of fun if you stick with it for all three years.  My group and I have a lot of fun at the end of the day, when we come here.  If you stick with it until eighth grade, you can go to Dorney Park or Six Flags after a concert!  Also, learning how to play an instrument, and more importantly, improving on it, can really keep you happy not just now, but in the future.  I hope that you stick with orchestra, and I will see you at the high school.


    Dear incoming 6th Grader,

                Being in orchestra with Miss Benecchi for three years has been one of the highlights of my time being in middle school. Miss Benecchi is a great teacher, who teaches us not only how to be good musicians, but how to be good leaders. Being in orchestra helped my friends and I grow and develop. I encourage you to continue orchestra throughout middle school, because there are many benefits to it. You get to learn new songs and new music techniques, and you are not learning alone. You are learning with your friends. You will always have many people around to help you when you need it. Another great thing about orchestra is that you make new friends. You meet people with the same interests as you. You also get to perform in concerts and you get to go the the ASTA festival, where you play a song for a clinician and they give you feedback. There are so many great things to say about middle school orchestra, but all in all, you will have an awesome time, learn who you are as a musician, make great friends, and develop as a musician and as a leader.


    Dear incoming 6th Grader,

    Hi! Welcome to middle school. It’s easy at times but gets pretty hard in eighth grade. Anyways, orchestra became a family over 3 years. We all got super close eventually and had so much fun together. Mrs. Benecchi is a great teacher, you’ll learn a lot from her.  I chose to stay in orchestra because I knew it would be a good skill to have in life and I was picturing my future. Try and practice often too, it’ll help you improve. There are many benefits to staying in orchestra like the High Notes trip, making friends, and improving your skills. In the end, stay in orchestra and have fun. 


    Dear incoming 6th Grader,

    This past weekend we went to the high note’s festival in Jackson NJ. When we got into Jackson we kept on waiting till we were at the festival. When we got there, we started to warm up and tune so we were prepared for our performance. We first played The Entrance of The Queen of Sheba, and then we played The Incredibles.  After we played we listened to the band and chorus who did very good. After that we waited to get our awards. All three of us; orchestra, chorus, and band; got Superior. After that we ate lunch. I had some chips and a sandwich. Ella, Alana, and I talked all lunch about what ride we wanted to go on. When we got on the bus we were just counting down the seconds till we got to Six Flag! When we got there Alana, Ella, and I went straight to the check in and got into the park as quick as I could. We first went on Nitro, then batman, and then Eltoro. We went on so many rides it’s hard to keep track. It was so much fun at the festival and I had so much fun at Six Flags with all of my friends.


    Dear incoming 6th Grader,

    I just wanted to tell you that if you are joining orchestra it is a very good decision. I choose orchestra because a lot of my friends told me it was a lot of fun in middle school. I’ve been playing the viola since 4th grade and I started out like most of you. No matter what mood you are in you always have a smile on your face after orchestra class. We have parties and different activities. When you are in 7th and 8th grade you get to go on a big trip. Most importantly, Stay in Orchestra