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    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.7 - Learning about age and developmentally appropriate content that is of high interest to students and has a direct connection to the cultural contexts of the target language cultivates an awareness of the shared human experience. 

    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.6 - Maps, graphs, and other graphic organizers facilitate understanding of information on a wide range of topics related to the world and global issues.

    Watch the Puerto Rican folktale of Puerto Rico's national animal:  Viewpure Story of the Coqui or YouTube Story of the Coqui.

    Listen to a real, live coqui and another coqui (you only need to listen to the first minute or so).

    Sing Viewpure coqui song or YouTube coqui song.

    Here are the Coqui song lyrics with the English translation.

    Learn about El Yunque on this Viewpure CNN link or YouTube  CNN clip.

    Listen to the Viewpure Yunque rainforest or YouTube Yunque  rainforest. (again you need only listen to the first minute or so; unless you want to keep it on for relaxing background nature sounds!)

    Learn about the Coqui, the national animal of Puerto Rico and from Welcometopuertorico.

    Learn about Puerto Rico from Boricua kids and atozkidsstuff.

    Learn about El Yunque, the rainforest and from WelcometoPuertoRico

    Learn about Christmas in Puerto Rico.

    Learn about the flag.