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    WL.7.1.NM.B.C.2 - Observing and participating in culturally authentic activities contribute to familiarization with cultural practices.

    WL.7.1.NM.C.C.1- Personal identity is developed through experiences that occur within one’s family, one’s community, and the culture at large. 

    Read about The Day of the Dead holiday.

    Watch this video clip of  Viewpure Crafting Coco or YouTube Crafting Coco.

    Listen to this song about the Day of the Dead Viewpure Chúmbala or YouTube Chumba la cachumba as well as this Viewpure version or YouTube version.

    Play one of these Day of the Dead online puzzles and coloring pages

    Read about the Day of the Dead by clicking on the bricks on the wall.  Then click on the bottom right hand bricks that say Build Your Own Altar and begin building!

    View a photo gallery of the holiday; click on each circle under the main picture to advance to more pictures.

    Read about the Day of the Dead on National Geographic and Kids National Geographic.

    5th grade - Read this short text and take a short online quiz

    3rd and 4th grade - Look at these words with pictures then play this matching game.