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    Most school supplies are provided by the school! However, we will always accept donations of Lysol wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, and extra snacks for our classroom!


    Your child will be provided with a pencil box that includes: 
      - a pencil
      - crayons
      - an eraser
      - a glue stick
      - scissors
      - a name tag 
    Students will be asked to bring in dry erase markers to be kept in their pencil boxes!
    These supplies will be kept in school and used daily. If we need any supplies for a special project, I will notify you plenty of time in advance!
    Your child will also be provided with a folder. This folder will contain papers that we did throughout the day or sometimes important notices that myself, or the main office, send home! Please make sure to check this folder every night! 
    Your child will need a backpack. Please make sure that your child's backpack is big enough to fit a folder in. Please put your child's first and last name on their backpack!