• Breakfast and Lunch


    At "Meet the Teacher" you will receive a form which will determine whether or not your child will be offered breakfast at school each morning.  If you check "yes", you will give permission for your child to have breakfast and we will offer it to your child each morning.  Breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal such as Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, etc, a snack such as Cheese-Its, milk and a juice box. Your food service account will be charged $2.00 each time your child eats breakfast at school. However, if you indicate "no" on the breakfast permission slip, your child will not be offered breakfast during the school year.  


    Snack is part of our daily routine each day. Please send in one snack and a small bottle of water with your child each day. Children will be able to get a drink from the water fountain if they do not have a drink from home.


    Students will be eating lunch in our classroom daily. There will be a lunch aide in the classroom to supervise your child during lunch time. Please keep in mind that your child will not have the option to heat lunch or put lunch in a refrigerator. 

    Your child will have the option to buy lunch. Every Monday you will recieve a lunch form to fill out indicating your child's lunch choices for the following week. Please fill out the lunch form as soon as possible and send it back to school by Thursday. 

    It is extremely important that lunch forms are sent back on time. This will allow the orders to be placed and will ensure that your child receives lunch for the following week.


     You have two options for paying for breakfast and/or lunch. 

    1. You may create an account at www.payforit.netand pay online.

    2. You can send a check (made payable to Washington Township Food Service) or cash into school in a sealed envelope marked with your child's name.  

    **You can deposit any amount of money into your child's lunch account at any time. Food Service will draw from your child's account as meals are purchased.**