Robotics - Grades 9-12 5 Credits



    Robotics is designed to assist students in the following areas of career exploration for technology, and related employment opportunities, application of computer programming skills with computer controlled devices and Drone Technology. The exploration of a variety of robotic manipulator designs based on work envelopes and motions produced by model autonomous mobile robots. The introduction of robotics technology and robot project construction tasks, integration of computer controlled equipment in developing flexible manufacturing systems, identification of high-tech skills needed for today's changing workplace, and to develop a team-work concept for problem solving. Student achievement of these goals will be obtained through formal discussion / note taking procedures, active participation in class discussions, computer applications, IMC and internet research assignments and presentations, completion of homework assignments, laboratory experiments, and technology learning activities. The Design, building and flying of Unmanned Aerial System will also be an integral part of the course. 

    Student evaluation will be based on test and quiz scores, lab experiments, homework assignments, research papers, 

    student presentations, notebook evaluation, and individual / team problem solving / programming activities. Model making of robots designed for specific tasks being studied. This course will incorporate cognitive, psychomotor, and affective leaning domains in each unit of study that will enhance the student’s abilities to show their knowledge gained.