Electrical Technology Grades 10-12 Credits 5

  • This course employs a three- pronged approach to learning: 

     Lecture, demonstration, and experimentation to ensure thorough understanding of the principles being explained in each topic area covered. Experiments with detailed instruction help the learning process of those principles in the fields of electricity and electronics.  These applications bring the concepts into focus for the students enrolled.  Many of the topics relate the electricity and electronics to state of the art technology.  Practical applications of the developed principals and skills by constructing inexpensive, professional-appearing projects.  These projects have proven appeal and also demonstrate the concrete knowledge that is being developed throughout the units of study. Students who successfully complete the electricity and electronics technology course should have a thorough understanding of the concepts of electricity and electronics.  This knowledge gained will be able to be applied to other more advanced studies in this field. This course brightens the outlook for students entering the electronics industry in the future and translates into opportunities for specialized education and a lifetime of challenging and rewarding employment.