A-11 Classroom Rules


     Entering the classroom 

    • Get to class on time. BE PROPMT! 
    • Remove BOTH earbuds once you enter the classroom. 
    • Remove hoods or hats from head 
    • Leave your books and your bags up front.    
    •  *Keep a pencil on you at all times - BE PREPARED 
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the shop at any time! 
    • No Open toed shoes of any kind. Change into sneakers or boots. 
    • Have a good attitude – Please say Hello. It goes a long way. 
    • Have a seat at your assigned table and wait quietly for directions. 

    While in the classroom 

    • Don’t touch other people’s belongings. 
    • Keep your hands to yourself. 
    • Don’t fool around in the shop or the hallway. 
    • Do not be disruptive. 
    • Be respectful to those around you. 
    •  Be Polite 
    • No bullying. 
    • Cell Phones- Put your phones away while teacher is talking, and you are working. 
    • No inappropriate language. 
    • Be Productive 
    • Pay attention to directions  
    • Know your surroundings – Be aware of what is going on around you. 

     Leaving the classroom 

    •   After clean-up, remain seated at tables until your appropriate bell rings. 
    •  * NO Standing by the front door  
    • Do not leave early. Leave at your appropriate Bell.