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    • 7.1.NL.IPRET.1: Identify a few memorized and practiced words contained in oral, viewed, and written chunks of language in culturally authentic materials when supported by visual cues such as pictures and gestures and text support such as bolded words, bulleted lists, and/or captions. 

    Mother, madre    Father, padre

    Familia, family   Familia, family

    Grandmom is abuela   Grandpa is abuelo

    Familia, family    Familia, family

    Brother, hermano    Sister, hermana

    Familia, family    Familia, family

    Dog is perro    Cat is gato

    La bebé, el bebé

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    Vocabulario:  fútbol, fútbol americano, básquetbol, béisbol, hockey, grande, pequeño, corre, grita, gato, ratón, come, mira, lejos, 

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