Science and Social Studies

  • Science

    This year Science will be taught marking period 1 and 2. During this time we will be studying: Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. These topics will be broken up into 6 units. The students will have 1-2 quizzes in each unit, and 1 test at the end of each unit. Below are the fill in the blank study guides and the quizlets for each unit test. 



    Quizlets:                                                                                Study Guides:                                                                               


    Unit 1                                                                                        Unit 1                                                                    

    Unit 2                                                                                        Unit 2

    Unit 3                                                                                        Unit 3

    Unit 4                                                                                        Unit 4 

    Unit 5                                                                                        Unit 5

    Unit 6                                                                                        Unit 6



    Social Studies

    This year Social Studies we will have 4 large units where we cover: The American Revolution, The Constitution, Inventors/Inventions, and Geography. The first 3 units do not have an tests, their final assessments are in class projects. The Geography unit has an open book assessment - no study guides!