• Football Study Guide



    • Hold the football in your dominant hand
    • T (body position similar to "T") reach back with dominant hand/point with nondominant hand
    • L (body position similar to "L") bend elbow
    • Step with opposite foot/drive off back foot
    • Throw releasing the ball in front of the body and follow throw reaching to your opposite hip



    • Athletic stance
      • Feet shoulder width apart or wider
      • Move to the ball
      • Get the ball at the highest point possible
      • Catch with soft hands
        • Chest or above- Thumbs together
        • Below the chest- Pinkies together



    • The offensive team starts from their five yard line (line of scrimmage)
    • Line of Scrimmage- All players must be on their side before the start of play
    • The team has 4 downs (attempts) to score or get a new first down
    • First down- Both criteria must be met
      • 2 Completions
      • The ball must cross the mid-line 
    • Game play is started when the team with possession of the ball says, "hike"
    • The quarterback passes the ball to his receivers to advance the ball
    • A point is scored if a "live player" carries or catches the ball beyond the goal line



    • The defense prevents the offense from scoring by closely guarding the offense
    • One player may rush the quarterback by counting, "7 Mississippi"
    • The defense gets one blitz every 4 downs
    • The defense must touch a player in possession of the ball with two hands to stop the play



    After a score or turnover on downs the new offensive team will start at their 5 yard line