WTPS is Partnering with Rowan University

  • The district has contracted the services of Dr. Shelley Zion, Executive Director of the Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE) in training the district to conduct an internal equity audit. Dr. Zion and Professor-in-Residence and Ph.D. candidate Dan Tulino have met with the Equity Coalition and the Superintendent's Cabinet to begin the process of assessing the district's resources and programming for equity. The focus of CASE is to turn research into practice and thus have a direct impact on the educational outcomes of students by conducting extensive research, offering professional services, and engaging in policy creation and reform, impacting the most persistent educational challenges to underserved populations. The district is in the process of soliciting five to six participants from each of the eleven schools, representing diverse groups and a variety of departments, including community members.  All recommendatoins for change at the end of the audit process would need to follow formal adoption procedures, including board approval, in some cases.


    The following data is being compiled and will be reviewed by the audit participants:

    • Overall demographics by grade
    • Demographics of faculty/staff/administration
    • Achievement, including SAT, PARCC, and grades
    • Class placement (Honors, AP, remedial, self-contained, etc.)
    • Special education and ELL identification/outcomes
    • Discipline
    • Graduation/college plans
    • Attendance
    • Dress codes
    • Code of conduct/discipline ladder, school rules
    • Letters/communications to families
    • School-level vision/mission
    • Teacher and other job recruitment ads/job descriptions
    • Curriculum plans/scope and sequence
    • College advising documents
    • Character ed curriculum/documents
    • Other policies that you think might be pertinent (like transgender policies)
    • Calendar of school activities
    • List of clubs, sports, extracurricular activities