Week 1: March 17th-March 20th Lesson


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    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Second Grade Online Lessons:


    My Helpful Robot:

    In this lesson Second Grade will be creating their own robot to help them with anything they want!

    Before we start here are a few videos to watch:

    Please read all instructions before you begin:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do).
    • Hold the paper vertically.
    • The Question is:
    • "If you had a Robot of your very own what would it do to help you?"


    • Examples: 
    • "My Robot folds my laundry and cleans my room."
    • "My Robot helps me with my homework."
    • "My Robot makes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast."
    • "My Robot can fly me to Outer Space and visit other planets."
    • "My Robot cuts down trees and makes them into comfortable rocking chairs."


    • Draw a large shape in the center of the paper; it can be a square, circle, triangle, oval, or diamond
    • All robots have head, so draw a head at the top of the large shape.
    • All robots have arms, so draw arms using one of the shapes above.
    • All robots have legs, draw those.
    • Add shapes and lines on the robot to create buttons, gears, and blinking lights.
    • Remember: your robot is a helpful robot, not a mean robot. 
    • What other things will your robot need to help you?
    • What tools will your robot need to do its job? (Examples: hammer, shovel, hair dryer, vacumn cleaner, saw, paint, scissors, etc...?)
    • Once you are done drawing your robot, you may color your robot.
    • You may color the robot in crayon, magic markers, or color pencils (whatever supplies you have at home will be fine).
    • Use only four or five colors on your robot.
    • Leave the background blank. 
    • Write a few sentences telling other students what your robot does to help you.
    • Example:   "My robot's name is Hydro Bot. He puts out fires with a huge fire hose. He also recues people from burning buildings with his long arms and legs. He is a great Fire Fighting Robot!"

    Here is an Example:


    • Below is a slide show of different types of robots...
    • Have fun creating your amazing robot, I can't wait to see them!