Week 1: March 17th-March 20th Lesson


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    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Third Grade Online Lessons:

     Tropical Fish:

    In this lesson Third Grade will be creating their own Tropical Fish.

    Here is a video about tropical fish:



     Please read all instructions before beginning the project.

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do).
    • Hold the paper horizontally.
    • The Question is:  "Why Are Tropical Fish Colorful?"  
    • Tropical Fish are colorful because they use colors and shapes to blend into their environment. This use of colors and shapes is called camoflauge. Small fish (prey) use camoflauge to hide from bigger fish (hunters). Bigger fish (hunters) also use camoflauge to hide and hunt smaller fish (prey). 
    • Is your tropical fish a hunter or a prey?
    • Draw a large shape in the center of the paper, bigger than your two hands can cover.
    • These shapes can be a square, circle, triangle, oval, or diamond.
    • All tropical fish have a face, so draw a face at front of the large shape.
    • All tropical fish have dorsal Fins, so draw dorsal fins on the top and bottom of the fish, using one of the shapes above.
    • All tropical fish have flippers, draw them on the sides of the fish.
    • All tropical fish have tails, draw that at the back of the fish.
    • Add shapes and lines on the tropical fish to create a pattern or design to help the fish to be camoflauged.
    • Once you are done drawing your tropical fish, you may color your fish.
    • Tropical fish are very colorful-have fun with those beautiful colors.
    • You may color the fish in crayon, magic markers, or color pencils, whatever supplies you have at home will be fine.
    • Use only five or six colors on your Tropical Fish.
    • Color the background a blue color and add a few small sea creatures. 

    Here is an Example:

    t fish

    • Have fun creating your tropical fish!