Week 1: March 17th-March 20th Lesson


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    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Fifth Grade Online Lessons:


    My Egyptian Sarcophagus:

    In this lesson Fifth Grade will be creating their own Egyptian Sarcophagus.


    Here is a video on "Tutankhamun: The Golden King & The Great Pharaohs"




    "How to Draw Tutankhamun Real Easy"




    Please read all instructions before beginning:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do).
    • Hold the paper vertically.
    • Draw King Tutankhamun's Sarcophagus.
    • The Sarcophagus is the coffin that held the mummified body of King Tutankhamun.
    • The shape of the Sarcophagus is a 4x9 rectangle that is rounded at the top. (see photos)
    • Follow the YouTube video on "How to draw Tutankhamun Real Easy".
    • Draw your face where King Tutankhamun's face is. 
    • Pay close attention to drawing your face and King Tut's head piece (do your best!).
    • Once you are done drawing the Your Face and the Head Piece.
    • Below the head piece draw two arms that are folded across the body.
    • Divide the Egyptian Sarcophagus into eight parts by drawing lines across the body of the Sarcophagus.
    • Each part is an area where designs can be drawn on the Sarcophagus.
    • Draw both Egyptian designs and designs that tell about you, including logos, cartoon characters, shapes of things you enjoy (sports, hobbies, etc) alternating each part.
    • After you are done with your drawing, you may color the Egyptian Sarcophagus in crayon, magic markers, or color pencils, whatever supplies you have at home will be fine.
    • Use only five or six different colors on your Egyptian Sarcophagus. 

    Here is an Example:


    • Have fun creating your Egyptian Sarcophagus, I can't wait to see them!

    Egyptian Sarcophagus

     Here is a slide show of various artifacts found in King Tutankhamon's tomb; look at this to get ideas about Egyptian designs.  Enjoy!