• Below you will find suggestive information that you will need to complete for the digital learning assignments for Physical Education.   Please try your best to be active for 15 minutes each day.  These 15 minutes do not have to be at one time, they can be broken into different segments with a variety of activities.  Be sure to complete the physical activity logs and email them to me at the end of the week!  In the subject of the email, please list your first and last name, grade, and your classroom teacher (i.e. John Smith - Gr 1 - Vacca).  There are a few activities listed below, but feel free to use any type of physical activity that sparks your interest!  Remember to be safe, smart, and responsible...but have fun while getting your exercise! 

    Here are is your  DEAM (drop everything and move) calenders that have daily acitivities listed to help you get moving!  Challenge yourself (and others) to complete the listed activity each day! 


    If you have any questions, my email is khanrahan@wtps.org.  


     Physical Education Plans for the Week of June 1 - 5

    **Feel free to complete these activities with a family member, neighbor, or friend!**

    Physical Activity Log