• !Hola chicos!  Please click on the links below.  You do not need to submit work after you have completed the activities.


    Listen to and practice greetings on Language Guide by touching the words or by hovering the cursor over the words.

    Click on the headphones icon next to each greeting on digital dialects. Then click on "play game text" at the bottom left, then "play game audio".

    Drag and drop greetings from the bottom of the page into the the conversation bubble. Be sure to click the purple Start button under the word Saludos. You may need to first unblock pop-ups, enable Adobe flash and click Allow.

    Drag and drop answers to how are you? from the bottom of the page into the conversation bubble.

    Sing an Hola song.

    Practice phrases on Quizlet flashcards, then play Match.

     Extra fun!:

    If you have extra time, watch this PBS Learning Media's adorable version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!  You do not need to understand every word, but you will be surprised at how much you learn!  If you watched that last class, you can watch it again, and/or watch Goldilocks Making Soup!