• WL.7.1.NM.A.1 Recognize familiar spoken or written words and phrases contained in culturally authentic materials using electronic information and other sources related to targeted themes.

    Bonjour, 5th graders! Please click on the links below in the order they appear:


    Sing Basho and Friends' Viewpure Bonjour or if that link does not work, YouTube Bonjour (please Skip Ads).  

    Listen to these greetings from Digital Dialects, then play audio game, then text game.

    Listen to greetings on Languages online. You may need to unblock pop ups,  then click to enable Adobe Flash, then Allow.  Play this game by dragging the greetings and this one by typing them.

    Listen to introductions on Languages online, play this game, then this one.


    Listen to Languages online, then to their song. Then play Drag and drop, then How many? 

    Learn the numbers on Language Guide, then play the Listening Challenge in the top right hand corner.

    Learn numbers on  Digital Dialects, then play Text Version and Audio Version games at the bottom. If you are sure you know the numbers, you may play this addition game.

    Extra Fun!

    Duolingo is a free language learning site and app!

    If you have a Margaret Heggan library card, they bought two expensive apps for us!! Mango and Rosetta Stone   Just type in your library card number!! :)