•  March 26, 2020

     Good morning! Here is your 8th day of Math:


    Do the Problem of the Day:  Please e-mail me your answer. If you want to email me your work, take a picture of your scrap paper and send it. I am keeping a record of who completes work.


    Make 3 flash cards for your vocabulary words. Choose different words than the ones you used before for your flash cards. Save your flash cards


    Do First in Math for at least 10 minutes. Go to the gym and keep working on your times tables. Make sure you are working in the barbell section.

    I'm very proud of your work in FIM!!
















    Do First in Math for 10 minutes (more is better!!) Go to the gym (barbells) Everyone should be doing at least x2 (no x1!) If you feel strong, move on. I'm watching the point totals climb!

    I will be going on First in Math to see how you did today.