• Remote Learning Daily Assignments:

    *See Spelling Daily Assignments sent home previously.


    Learning Objectives:

    Reading: After reading a selection, you will demonstrate comprehension while citing evidence from the text.

    Spelling:  You will recognize the difference in homophone pairs with the /ar/ sound.

    Writing: You will stay on topic while including an opening and closing sentence with supporting details to answer a prompt.

    Fluency:  You will accurately and fluently read phrases.


    Learning Activities:

    Reading:  Read story and answer comprehension questions/IDR 

    Spelling:  Rainbow writing, unscramble, fill in the missing letter, Memory, Cloze sentences, Spellingcity

    Writing:  Type 5-8 sentences responding to the prompt based on the reading story

    Fluency:  Flashcard practice, interactive fluency activity on my website


    How I will see/check your work:

    You may email me any pictures of completed work or email the actual typed writing pieces.  Reading packets will be turned in once we return.  


    How we will communicate:

    If you have questions, email me anytime and I will be sure to get back to you.


    I sure will miss you and spending our days together!