• WL.7.1.NM.A.1 Recognize familiar spoken or written words and phrases contained in culturally authentic materials using electronic information and other sources related to targeted themes.

    Bonjour, 5th graders! Please click on the links below.  You do not need to submit work after you have completed the activities.


    Listen to and repeat the colors on the French Minute. And/or listen on Languages Online.  You may need to unblock pop-ups at the top right in the address bar, then click to enable Adobe Flash, then Allow.  Then guess what the colors are (you don't need to type them). Click on each one to see if you were correct!

    Learn the colors on Language Guide  then play the Listening Challenge in the top right hand corner. And/or learn colors on Digital Dialects, then play the Text Version and Audio Version games at the bottom of the page.

    Play a game of Concentration.

     Classroom objects:

    Click on each classroom object on the left under "Listen & Repeat," then read what it means in English on the right hand side of the page. And/or listen to each of these classroom objects, clicking on the blue box with the speaker.

    Listen to the song Viewpure Dans ma salle de classe (In my classroom), or if that link doesn't work, YouTube Dans ma salle de classe (Skip Ads).  Il y a means There is.

    Watch Viewpure classroom objects or YouTube classroom objects (Skip Ads). Then click on Full tutorial, then Start Tutorial.  Play Four in a Row and Sow Grow

    Extra fun for students AND parents/ guardians for learning any language!  Duolingo AND Busuu are both free language learning sites and apps!

    If you have a Margaret Heggan library card, they bought us two expensive language learning apps!! Mango and Rosetta Stone.   Just type in your library card number!! :)  Or you can go directly to the Margaret Heggan website, go up to Research, click on the drop down arrow and click on Language Learning, then select Mango or Rosetta Stone.

    Another fun, optional challenge (:

    Folktales that you already know in French (also offered in Spanish, German and even Italian!).  Listen to the audio, read along under it in French, then hit translate for each English translation.  You can read the paragraph first, then the English, then listen and read at the same time.  You don't need to understand every word to enjoy it!  Look for the cognates (words that look/sound the same in English) and words that we already learned.