• WL.7.1.NM.A.1  - Recognize familiar spoken or written words and phrases contained in culturally authentic materials using electronic information and other sources related to targeted themes.

    ¡Hola chicos!  Please click on the links below.  You do not need to submit work after you have completed the activities.


    Sing Viewpure numbers or YouTube numbers.

    Sing Super Simple español's SafeYouTube 1-7 song or YouTube 1-7 song.

    Learn 1-10 in Viewpure Spanish AND Sign or, that link doesn't work, YouTube Spanish AND Sign (Skip Ads.)

    Play the easy version of this Match game until it becomes too easy.  Then try the hard version!  

    Click on the number you hear in this game.

    Body parts - Partes del cuerpo

    Watch and act out  the song Head, shoulders, knees and toes.  Here is a Mindymarissa Viewpure version or, if that link doesn't work, YouTube version (please Skip Ads).

    Watch this Calico Viewpure video song or YouTube song.

    Play this Match game.

    Match the picture with the word you hear in this game.

    Extra fun!:

    If you have extra time, and would like to move around, here is our Viewpure brain break or YouTube brain break.

    Also, if you have extra time, watch this PBS Learning Media's adorable version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!  You do not need to understand every word, but you will be surprised at how much you learn!  If you watched that last class, you can watch it again, and/or watch Goldilocks Making Soup!