Story Telling
  •      I am excited to have another music lesson with you today.  Over the past several weeks, we have been studying "tone color." Tone color is that special sound of instruments that make them different from one another.  For example, a flute sounds different than a drum.  We say these instruments have a different tone color.  We have had the opportunity to play several percussion instruments in class. Today, you will be making up your own story to share.  Your story could be about adventures in the woods, dinosaurs, princesses, etc.  Then, you need to find objects in your house that you could use to add "sound effects" to your story. For example, you could tap two pencils together to create a sound in your story, hit two spoons together, etc.  Share your story with a family member and remember to add your sound effects to make it more exciting!   Have fun!   Please let me know about your story by visiting the Grade 1 Response Padlet to leave a comment.