Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Hello 2nd Graders,

         Next Wednesday is a fun day for everyone.  Do you know what is so special about Wednesday, April 1st?  Yes, it is April Fool's Day.  Many years ago, there was a composer named Franz Joseph Haydn who loved to play pranks on other people.  In fact, he played so many tricks that he got himself kicked out of school.  When he grew up and became a composer, he also continued his silliness.  He wrote a piece of music called "Symphony #94."  Some people call it his "Surprise Symphony." Today, I would like you to follow this link to a page where you can read all about Frank Joseph Haydn.  Take some time to listen to his "Surprise Symphony"and next week we will discuss what was "surprising" to his audience when he performed it the very first time.  Stay tuned!  Leave a comment on my Padlet Response page of something you learned about Hadyn's life or music.


    "The Surprise Symphony".