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    3rd grade

    learning objective: To research and find information about a super hero/villain
    learning activity: You will choose one super hero/villain and find the research the answers to the following information: 
    • hero's name and regular name if they have one (e.g. Batman/Bruce Wayne)
    • is he/she good or bad?
    • what are his/her powers? (list as many as you can)
    • is he/she from the Earth or elsewhere?
    • is he or she part of a group? (e.g. the Avengers, Justice League, Hydra, etc)
    • 4 more interesting facts and a picture. 
     I would write this down on paper or a Word document. Then, you will share what you found with the class on Nearpod using the collaboration page. The code for this Nearpod is LXHYQ.  The reason for this assignment is that you are going to be creating a whole backstory and bio for this new hero/villain, so I think it would be helpful to learn about those that are already out there.
    optional activity: Thank you to those who continue to attempt the brain teasers!  Last week Billy, Alex and Nathan got the brain teaser correct, good job! This week's brain teaser Nearpod code is: BOLVP
    How I will see you work: You will enter your super hero/villain research info and picture into that Nearpod (code is LXHYQ) by the end of the week.
    How we will communicate: As always, send me questions and concerns over email!

    4th grade

    learning objective: To identify key events in the "space race".
    learning activity: You will complete a Nearpod using the code FYDPK. 
    optional activity: The number of those attempting the brain teasers is dwindling--please continue to try! Only Luke got it right last week. Nice job, Luke! This week's brain teaser Nearpod code is: WDJQL
    How I will see your work: I will see the results of the quiz in Nearpod, but please remember to hit the "submit" button at the end. Students who receive under an 80 will be asked to retake the quiz. 
    How we will communicate: As always, if you have comments or concerns, let me know through email. 

    5th grade

    learning objective: To make a face using Tinkercad
    learning activity: Using Tinkercad, make a face using at least 4 different shapes, the scribble function, and holes. Please see my example in the screenshot attached and watch the tutorial here. Please don't make your face look like mine!
    optional activity: Please try the brain teaser using the Nearpod code DJRKV. Last week Brady and Scott got it correct--well done, guys!
    How I will see your work: It should just appear in Tinkercad, but like I said, maybe take a screenshot just in case it doesn't save (you don't have to send it unless it does end up disappearing).
    How we will communicate: Email, as usual.