Joseph Haydn
  • Guess what?  April Fool's Day is this week.  This is a day where people like to play tricks on their friends and family.  Today we are going to learn about a composer who just loved to play tricks his whole life long.  In fact, playing tricks on his classmates eventually got him kicked out of school.  For your music lesson today, I would like you to read about the life of Franz Joseph Haydn.  Find out 2-3 facts about his life and make a prediction of how you think he is going to trick people in a piece of music he composed called "The Surprise Symphony."  The website that has his biography is Biography of Haydn  Next week you will be listening to his "Surprise Symphony"to see if your prediction was right!  Go to my Padlet Response board to leave your prediction.  Make sure you put your first and last name on the board so I can keep a record of who is responding to me.