• Today we will find out what trick Franz Joseph Haydn played on his friends and family.  He wrote a piece of music called "The Surprise Symphony." Click the link to listen to this music. What happened at the end of the song?  There are two symbols in music that you will need to learn today.  When you see a "p"in music, it means to play the music softly. It stands for the Italian word "piano"which means quiet.  An "f" in music means to play the music loudly.  That letter stands for the word "forte"in Italian which means loud. Let's play a game.  Please hide a small object somewhere in your living room.  Have a family member try to find it by listening to your clapping.  When you family member is far away from the object, clap with a "p"or a quiet clap.  When the member starts to get closer to the object, your clapping should change to an "f." Just by listening to your clapping, they should be able to find your hidden object.  Play this game several times and let me know how you made out by leaving me a message on  Make sure you leave your first and last name so I know who is responding to me.