Surprised Face
  •      Did you listen to the "Surprise Symphony"?  "Surprise Symphony"  Haydn really surprised his audience by playing really loud in one part of the music.  He woke up the people who had fallen asleep during his concert.  Today, you need to learn two symbols in music class.  The first symbol used in music is "p" which means quiet.  The second symbol means loud and is the letter "f." Let's play a game.  Hide a small object somewhere in your living room.  Have a family member try to find it only by listening.  When the family member is far away from the object, clap softly or with the letter "p."  When the relative gets closer to the hidden object, change your clapping to an "f." Once the object is found, reverse roles and play a few more times.  Leave a response on my Padlet Response Board to let me know how you made out.  Please make sure you put your first and last name so I can keep a record of who is responding to me.   Grade 2 Padlet Response