Telling a Story
  • Today will be a fun time in music.  In past music classes, we talked about "Tone Color." Tone color is the sound of instruments that make them different from one another.  For example, a piano sounds different than a drum.  We say they have a different tone color.  For your lesson today, I would like you to make up your own story.  It could be about adventures in the woods, dinosuars, princesses, aliens, etc.  Find objects around your house that could make different sounds.  For example, two spoons hitting together could sound like alien noises, etc.  Now tell your story to a family member and make sure you add the "sound effects." Make sure you play your homemade instruments with the symbols you learned last week - "p - soft" and "f - loud." Leave me a message on my Padlet Response Board so I know you completed this activity.   Enjoy storytelling! 

     Grade 2 Padlet Response