• Week 2: March 23rd-March 27th Lesson



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    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Fourth Grade Online Lessons:



    In this lesson Fourth Grade will be creating their own Pop Art-Sneakers.

    Andy Warhol was an artist and a leader of the Pop Art movement in the 1960s. He painted comic book characters, Campbell's soup cans, and images of famous celebrities of the time such as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. In addition to commercial art, Warhol wrote several film scripts. 

    Before we start let's watch a couple of videos about Andy Warhol-Pop Art:


    • https://youtu.be/kZTsbJcr9VI?list=PLIKUwqZzNezwScqs4Zg3tiWb-yaKdnYh1

    •  https://youtu.be/DhEyoDCTSDQ?list=PLIKUwqZzNezwScqs4Zg3tiWb-yaKdnYh1


       Please read through instructions before you begin:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do)
    • Hold the paper horizontally.
    • You going to be drawing a contour line drawing of one of your sneakers.
    • First look at the sneaker.
    • Carefully draw small sections of your sneaker at a time (top, laces, toe, bottom).
    • Draw the lines that you see on your sneaker.
    • See how the shapes relate to each other.
    • Draw one shape at a time.
    • Draw the shapes that are connected to each other.
    • Draw the bottom of the sneaker, draw the side, draw the tongue, draw the laces.
    • Relax.
    • Take your time.
    • Draw slowly. (This is not a race to be first!)
    • Draw all the details. (I knew you could do it!)
    • Don't leave anything behind.
    • Once you are done drawing your Pop Art Sneaker, color the sneaker in completely as well as the background.
    • Choose warm (reds, yellows, oranges) or cool (blues, greens, and purples) for your sneaker.
    • You may color the sneaker in crayon, magic markers, or color pencils (whatever supplies you have at home).
    • Use only four or five colors for each sneaker.
    • Color the background a color you have not used in your sneaker.
    • I can't wait to see crazy pop art sneakers!
    • Remember: once you are finished with artwork take a picture of it and email it to rherzog@wtps.org I will post it on Bells Online Art Gallery. 



    Here are a few pictures of various sneakers you can use if you don't how sneakers available.


    •  sneaker     sneakers      sneaker


    Here are Examples:


    sneeaker               sneaker


    sneaker                 sneaker




    Have fun creating your Andy Warhol Pop Art Sneaker.