•    Week 2: March 23rd-March 27th Lesson



      Blam     roy


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    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Fifth Grade Online Lessons:



    In this lesson Fifth Grade will be creating their own Pop Art-Words.

    Roy Lichenstein became famous for his bright and bold paintings of comic strip cartoons as well as his paintings of everyday objects. He was one of a group of artists making art in the 1960s who were called "pop" artists because they made art about popular things such as TV, celebrities, fast food, pop music and cartoons.


    Before we start let's watch a couple of videos about Roy Lichenstein-Pop Art: 

     How to draw Pop Art Words:


    word     word

      Please read through instructions before you begin:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do)
    • Hold the paper horizontally.
    • Fold the paper horizonally, then fold the paper vertically so you have 4 sections.
    • In the center of each section draw a word lightly in pencil.


    Love, Happy, Cool, Awesome, OMG!, Shazam!, LOL, or even your name!

    • Make a bubble around each word to make it bold.
    • Add bold lines against the letters for a shadow effect. 
    • Next add rays shooting out behind the words.
    • Add lines, dots, or spirals inside the rays to give the word a cool design.
    • Add shapes outside the rays for added designs.
    • Once you are done drawing your pop art word, color the word in completely.
    • Outline or color in the rays, lines and shapes in various bright colors. 
    • You may color the pop art word in crayon, magic markers, or color pencils (whatever supplies you have at home).
    • Use only four or five colors for each pop art word.
    • Color the background a color you have not used in your pop art word.
    • I can't wait to see crazy pop art words!
    • Remember: once you are finished with artwork take a picture of it and email it to rherzog@wtps.org I will post it on Bells Online Art Gallery. 

    Here are Examples:


    pow                   ouch


    splatt                 zap

       Holy Bat Words! Here are more ideas:   

    • Why not use "Bat Fight Words!"

      batman  Pow



    Whatever words you decide on, have fun creating your Roy Lichtenstein Pop Words!