Kids Dancing
  • Today and next week, we will be talking about a word called "Choreography."  Choreography simply means adding motions/movement to music.  We will be working on the "Fight Song" which I am sure most of you know already. Today, we will be learning only the first 45 seconds of the song.  It begins with an introduction where you will start with your head down and then slowly begin to raise it.  By the end of today's lesson, I would like you to also know specific terminology which will include the wave, raising index fingers, hand to heart, burst and a step touch and pull both fists down pattern.  These dance moves will be used later in the song.  You can access this song from the following link.  "Fight Song"  Leave a message for me and let me know how you are doing with the choreography for this song.  Grade 4 Padlet Response  For grading purposes, you must leave your first and last name!!!