•   Today I thought it would be fun to go to a concert!   We have been talking over several weeks how music can make you feel a certain way.  Do you remember how Haydn surprised his audience by playing his music really loud to wake them up?  Music has many purposes.  It can entertain people, calm people down when they are stressed, gets people excited and unites people together.  Today, as we listen to a selection of music, think about what the music is making you imagine in your mind of as you hear it.  Does it bring up certain images or stories in your mind?  The selection you will hear is being played by the New York Philarmonic and is meant to create certain images in your mind.  Let's watch a small part of a concert by the New York Philharmonic.  I need you to listen attentively and picture in your mind what the music is sounding like to you.  New York Philharmonic Kids Concert   You can start the musical selection aroun 5:30 and end it around 15:15.  Let me know what you were thinking or when the music was playing by adding a comment on my Grade 2 Padlet Response page.  Grade 2 Padlet Response  Make sure you leave your first and last name so I know who is responding to my lesson.