• Welcome back from Spring Break Sit back and relax.  This next selection from "The Carnival of the Animals" can put you to sleep.  But - stay awake.  Listen to the link of "The Aquarium" and try to picture the sea creatures that might be swimming in our oceans.  Don't look at the video yet but just listen to the music. "The Aquarium" Then watch the video to see if you imagined some of the same fish and aquatic life as you saw on the video.  Describe the music.  How did the composer write this music to make you feel relaxed?  What instruments did you hear?  Dynamics ? (Loud or soft)  Tempo (Speed)?  How would you move to this music?  Would you march, clap, sway gently from side to side, etc. ?   Let me know on my Grade 3 Padlet Response page.  Grade 3 Padlet Response  For grading purposes, please remember to leave your first and last name!!