Kids Dancing Together
  • Mrs. Chalme and Mrs. Lowery's Classes - Our goal today is to encourage verbalization through a musical chant.  The chant is called "Five Little Monkeys." Please follow the link to the lesson Five Little Monkeys  and scroll down to "Five Little Monkeys." 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. 1 fell off and bumped his head (ouch!) Momma called the doctor (put hand to ear as if making a call) and the doctor said… (wag finger/ shake head no) No more monkeys jumping on the bed.  The chant then changes to 4 little monkeys........  and so on.  Leave out key words and point to the child to say them in the rhyme.  For example, have the child say "ouch" at the appropriate time or maybe the word "head" as you point to your head.  As you say the chant, hold your child's hand and pretend to jump up and down to the beat of the music. 


    Mrs. Steven's Class - Music can help you imagine stories and pictures in your mind as you listen to it being played.  Music can also get you up and moving.  Today I would like you to listen to a song from Kidz Bop.  Get up and see if you can follow some of the moves in the song as it is being played.  that your  Enjoy.   Kidz Bop "Happy"  After you have learned some of the dance moves, perform it for your family.  Let me know what comments your family made after your performance.  Leave a message for me on my Padlet page. Padlet Response Page  Make sure you leave your first and last name so I know who is responding to me.