Music Notes
  • Did you have fun making up your own song?  Today, we will be composing again but this time when you click the link below, make sure you change to the Advanced Lesson.  You can change from Beginner to Advanced by clicking the button at the left top of the page. This time you will actually hear the notes as they are being played on a piano. Keep in mind that you have to look at the time signature (the numbers you see at the beginning of the staff).  The top number tells you how many beats you can have in a measure.   You can make up several songs! When you are finished, click the share button.  Copy the address and then paste the address when you leave a response on my Grade 3 Padlet Response Page.  I will then be able to hear your song!  There is no limit!  Enjoy composing.  Grade 3 Padlet Response  Make sure you leave your first and last name.  


    Compose Your Own Music