Alpine Horn
  •  Last week you should have chosen a country to find out about some of its' musical instruments.  Today, I would like you to answer the following questions:  1.  What is the name of your instrument and what country is it from?  2.  What is the size of your instrument?  3.  Is your instrument made from any unique materials?  4.  What kind of music does your instrument generally play?  5.  How is your instrument played?  Strumming, striking keys, blowing through it, etc.?  Then go to the Padlet page and leave 2 interesting facts about your instrument.  You might want to copy and paste a picture of the instrument so other students can see what you have researched. Make sure you leave the name of your instrument as well as your first and last name.  Have fun and find an interesting instrument.   

    Grade 5 Padlet Response