•  Weeks 4 & 5: (April 6-10) (April 20-24) Lessons


    UPDATE: Week of April 20th-24th is "CATCH-UP WEEK". Try to have all work completed from Lessons Weeks 1-4. When you email me a picture of your art work at rherzog@wtps.org , make sure you include your First and Last Name, Teacher's Name, and Grade.


    jibson     georgia o     jack 2               

    Please remember, include your first and last name, teacher's name, and grade when you email them to me. Thanks!  


    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Third Grade Online Lessons:


    Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers :

    Georgia O’Keeffe is known as the Mother of American Modernism. She is famous for her paintings of enlarged flowers, southeastern landscapes, and animal skulls. She was also elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


    Before we start let's watch a couple of videos about Georgia O' Keeffe.


    Georgia O’Keeffe:



    My Name Is Georgia:



    Please read through instructions before you begin:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do).
    • Hold the paper vertically.
    • Fold the paper in half, if you would like to draw 2 flowers.
    • You may draw any of the flowers found on these videos or you may create one of your own, you decide.


    flower 44     sun     red

    • Carefully draw your close-up flower in the center of the paper. (See examples)
    • Draw your flowers large enough so that your hand can not cover it.
    • Think of about the details you would like to include in your drawing, the petals, the stamen (the center of the flower), the stem and leaves. 
    • Once you are done drawing your close-up flower, color your flower in completely as well as the background. 
    • Use the colors you see in the close-up photo.
    • You may color your close-up flower in crayon, magic markers, water color, or color pencils (whatever supplies you have at home).
    • When you color the background use the color found in the photo.
    • I can't wait to see the beautiful flowers you create!


    • Remember: once you are finished with your artwork take a picture of it and email it to rherzog@wtps.org. Include the students name and teacher's name and grade. I will post it on Bells Online Art Gallery.

      Here are a few examples of close-ups of flowers that you may choose to draw:


         flower 2                flower4     


    flower 6               flower9


    rose 2                   floer22



    flower 33                flower 44



    Here are some drawing examples:


     Flower 99              




    Flower 89   


    flowers 50   Here is a Slide Show of Close-up Flower Photos: